With our strong presence in the global textile markets, we help our customers to source for fabrics and materials based on their preferences.

With the support of our factories and facilities, we help our customers to manage production from pre-production process e.g. sourcing materials, making garment samples… until finished packaging and deliveries.

Our experienced merchandising teams are positioned up to deliver bespoke service that could efficiently help our customers to calculate the best values as well as quality control of the product and the flexibility of deliveries etc. whatever your requirements are, to ensure that when issues arise there will always be someone right there solving and supporting your questions quickly and transparently.

Our research & development teams are there to help our customers spot for the newest trend based on the needs of the brand direction. We also engaged in the design and sampling process to ensure our clients’ collection is at the forefront of the seasonal trend. In addition, we provide virtual sampling that our customers could use as references in order to save time and costs.

Our Logistic teams are positioned up at the very beginning until the end of your production process to ensure your products arrive on time. We are there to solve issues regarding of packaging and shipping to achieve freight and duty savings on your products. We keep track of every detail of your consignment from prerelease auditing to customs clearance and shipment tracking.

All of our factories are fully under the social compliance that meets the social standards. We ensure all our workers are working under a safe & standard environment. All of our factories have to receive a workplace conditions assessment by Intertek and make sure the facilities covered the labor, wages and hours, health and safety, management system, and environment areas.