Our History

Ample Fortune’s founder Sally Lee started its business with only 2 people, herself and a merchandiser by renting an office desk inside an advertising company in Hong Kong. By that time she was just an agent, who paid her one and only staff almost with her entire salary each month by doing China trade partnership, and helps her client to look for their suppliers/manufacturers.
By providing efficient and quality services to the customers, Ample Fortune’s business began to grow and Sally decided to expend her business. She moved the office from a small desk to an office. Besides, she developed her own clients’ base and her staffs’ number/office sizes had risen overtime.
We set up our first sample room in Shenzhen in purpose of doing subcontract and trading in China. During the same year we had also set up two offices in Shenyang and Beijing.
We started doing domestic sales in China and we set up an office in Shanghai purposely for this business.
We set up our first factory in Dongguan, China, where we began our own garment production.
In order to share our heavy workload, we established our new factory in Sichuan, China.
While China’s economy grows stronger over time, labor costs became a big challenge to the garment industry. In order to supply solutions for the competitive costing and remain technical excellence, we decided to set up a new factory in Yangon, Myanmar to seek for higher skilled labor and affordable production.
We committed to provide the best services to our clients with innovations, creativities and our constantly improving technologies, qualities, and value.
With over 1000 workers/staffs, 40 sub-contractors, and over 25 years of garment manufacturing experiences, we had successfully expanded our client base towards the high-street fashion brands who are constantly collaborating with us to meet their target market throughout the world. We are not only the expert, but also your best support / partner in this changeable industry.