About Us

We are an expert on garment manufacturing for more than 25 years.

In order to provide the best services for our clients, we created an efficient and convenient working process (from development, to production, even in-house quality control.) in our company. Each year, our factory can produce up to 1.2 million pieces of garments, which included 55% taped items (snowboard and skiwear), 35% casual wear (trousers, shorts, and bomber), and 10% down items (jacket and coat). Our company is fully under global social compliance for all of our factories e.g. human right/ safety etc. Our job is to manufacture our client’s products and exports them to Europe and around the world.

Our Mission & Strength

  • Our mission is to make not only ourselves but also our clients to become successful in the industry by providing superior standards of service through analysis, solution, objectives, teamwork, vision, and sales.
  • We commit to provide excellence and diversity of service to our clients and will always insist on quality production with our skills and resource.

Our Selling Propositions

  • Superior standards of service
  • Social compliance in all factories
  • Strong manufacturing and sourcing network
  • 25+ years of experience in servicing the most famous brands in the apparel industry